Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Review: Coconut Body Butter From The Body Shop

I have to start by saying that i love The Body Shop. They always have so many amazing products in their store and their store always smell so yummy, dont want to leave haha!

I have been using this product for months now and im totally in love with it.
Coconut smell is one of my favorite smells, its just so delicious. I wear this product almost everyday.

The Body Shop has different sizes on their products, which is really good.
This is in a small size. I like to finish the products before i buy a new ones, sometimes i stock up on the products that i really love. I hardly get the full size products from The Body Shop, because there is so much product in them. Dont want anything to go to waste haha!

This is perfect to add to your handbag or if you are traveling.
I always like to smell good, so this is a must have in my handbag.

Would i recommend this product to you?
Yes absolutely! You have to try this out the next time you are visiting The Body Shop.
If you love Coconut, this is a must have for you.

Would i buy this product again?
Oh Yes! I will keep buying this product.

Im on the hunt for a Vanilla Body Butter, going to order from The Body Shop since they
just got a website up and running, yay :)

Have you tried this product before?
Do you like The Body Shop? :)


  1. I wish we had The Body Shop store somewhere near. I've read so many good reviews about their products and I really want to try them out.

  2. Great post! This looks fab - I adore a lot of the body shop stuff and coconut has got to be one of the best smells ever! :) It's so scrummy and summery ♥

  3. gosh this sounds tempting. Thanks for this review :)

  4. I just got this body butter yesterday (I bought a Japanese Cherry Blossom pack + Dreams Unlimited Eau de Parfum, and they gave me the body butter for free because I spent over 30 euros. I don't know if this offer is available there, I'm from Spain).
    I haven't tried it yet, but I love how it smells.

  5. Everybody's talking about this! I will have to try soon! Coconut...mhhhh a hint of summer!! :)


  6. great review sweetie,I love the Coconut&the Papaya body butter but my absolute fave is Moringa one

  7. I have this and I really love it! I usually don't like the coconut smell but this one smells yummy!

  8. I got some coconut shimmer thing... The shimmer annoys me but i love the smell! ;)


  9. Yes I've tried this and I absolutely love the smell! It reminds me of the beach : )

  10. The 1st shop of Body Shop has just opened in Hungary, so I think I will try this product! I love coconut, this is 1 of my favorite scents! <3

  11. ahhh i love BODY BUTTER! Such a great little christmas gift for girlfriends! xo

  12. Ohh.. I've been wanting to try out TBS body butters! I have really dry skin.. Btw, your blog doesn't allow me to right click and it's kinda annoying since I can't open new tabs and I have to press back to go back to your blog =(

  13. I love coconut smells, So I have no idea why I don't have this ahahha. Love the way it sounds, Thanks Christine :)


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