Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Jewelry: Owl Ring

I love owls, they are so cute. Im also on the hunt for an owl necklace.

I found this ring on ebay. They have so many beautiful and special rings there.
Im definitely going to look for more rings on ebay.
it is the perfect place to find special items. I also bought two other rings last night, going to do a ring post when i recieve them in the mail.

So cute, dont you agree? :)

I also bought an owl ring from F21, going to try and post my Forever 21 haul later tonight :)

What do you think about this ring?
You like owls too? :)


  1. very cute ring sweetie.I like it cant wait to see e ring post

  2. Ohhh I saw one like that on Pull and Bear, so cute. The perfum is a little be strong, but's amazing!

  3. Love the owl rings, very cute! I bought an owl necklace from F21 awhile ago and it's my fav!

    I'm kind of new to blogging but I found your blog to be very cute so I'll follow!

    Good day!


  4. I love it! It is adorable! I think I need to pick one up as well :]

  5. so cute!! i did a post earlier on 3 owl rings i got from f21.. so cheap!!

  6. ahaha! i agree tahts super cute. owls also mean wise and intelligent so you can also wear them as a reflection of yourself rather than just a fashion statment :)

  7. it is absolutely adorable..I'm very into owl jewelery right now..I want to buy a necklace and a ring just like yours:x

    xoxo sere

  8. That is adorable!
    Very cute blog btw!
    Stop by mine one day!


  9. Oh my god ! I think i'm going to die from happiness ! That is so cute !

  10. its reliii cute! i've been looking for a silver owl ring too! in fact i wlked past a store last tm and i found a gold one.. then after re-considering for a few days i finally decided to purchase it.. but then wen i got there it was out of stock already!! so i got myself an owl necklace instead.. am excited to wear it :D

  11. I'm in love with that blog. Gorgeousness.
    Great jewelry!! Love them and what an artistic, beautiful.

  12. Sååå søt den ugleringen var :D!


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