Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Viva La Juicy Perfume

I really want to buy this perfume by Juicy Couture.
The problem is that its not available in the perfume stores here, and im not a big fan of buying perfumes online without smelling them first.
I have been looking after samles on ebay, and im considering buying a sample just to try it out. Then if i dont like it, its not a big deal since its just a samle.

Have you tried this perfume before?

If yes, do you like it? :)

xoxo Christine


  1. my ulitmate favourite perfume is midnight fantasy by brintey spears. i've never tried this perfume but the packaging is super cute!

  2. I just got a sample from Sephora. I LOVE it!! I had smelled it in a store and wasnt a fan but after wearing it, it smells great on :)

  3. Yeah, get a sample first. If you end up liking the perfume: I like using this website: It's got cheap shipping rates, and loads of perfumes and samples available =X

  4. it looks cute.
    btw this z ur fb friend anshita.
    i blog at Vanity No Apologies

  5. havent tried it sweetie probably best to get a sample

  6. i have it and absolutely love it but obv personal taste differs so definitely get a sample if you can! x

  7. I'm wearing this today :) I like it but it's definitely very sweet but also with a mix of something else.. hard to explain.. and I think one you'd either like or not like depending on your tastes, I think it's a good idea to get a sample first :) But I do like it!

  8. I got it for Christmas. I love it!


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