Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Review: Covergirl Lash Blast Fusion

I ordered this mascara from ebay about a month ago. I really needed a new mascara, since my YSL dried out. My YSL mascara only lasted about one and a half month before it dried out.
Not happy about that since it was a pretty expensive mascara.

I read a lot of good reviews on this mascara, thats why i decided to just buy it. It was really cheap, I paid $8 which i think is a very good deal. This mascara is really good, which surprised me because i have tried a few products by Covergirl Cosmetics and i didn't like them at all.

This is probably my favorite mascara in my collection. I use it everyday and i always take it with me. The brush is really good and thick, im really happy about how it makes my lashes look.

I recommend this mascara. I think its really good and i think you will like it too.

Have you tried this mascara before?
Whats your favorite mascara? :)

xoxo Christine


  1. wow I cant believe the YSL dried up that fast! I have tried the Lash blast original it was pretty good.

  2. Great post! I might have to try this mascara.


  3. must try then!!

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  4. I liked this one but I think I still like the original lash blast the best, the one in the orange container.

  5. great review sweetie,never tried it my fave is Benefit Bad Gal mascara love it to bits..hope u had a lovely xmas hun

  6. great review your blog omg look how many followers you have that awesome pretty girl !!!
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  7. i should try this mascara! im on the hunt for a good one and it seems like ALL of them flake!

  8. i so want to try this :)



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