Monday, December 20, 2010

New Jacket

Jacket From Vero Moda:

My mom bought me this jacket.
Its thick, warm and i love it. Its so cold outside, cant wait to wear this tomorrow.

Black Cardigan From H&M:

I really needed a regular black cardigan. Happy i found one that i liked, they had a few to choose from.

Ring From H&M:

I have been eying this ring for a while now and i decided to just buy it.
Think its so cute, reminds me of Hello Kitty which im obsessed with haha :)

I have also done a little online shopping. Bought some NARS Cosmetics
products and a few other goodies. Never tried NARS before, so im super
excited :)

What do you think about my new jacket?
Do you like NARS Cosmetics? :)

xoxo Christine


  1. omg christine i bought a bow ring which is so similar but it s still on its way to mommy :P yours is so cute :)

  2. that ring is amazing!

    Thank you SO MUCH for your lovely words

  3. Love the jacket!

    The ring is really cute too =)

  4. I love the jacket!

    The only Nars product I have is their blush in "orgasm" and I love it.

  5. love the fur on top of your jacket and the bow ring is one of the best i've seen.

  6. love ur jacket it seems very warm&that ring is so cute SWEETIE.

    I love Nars cosmetics,if I had to shop from one brand it would be NARS!!!Their products are amazing,expensive but well worth the money

  7. the jacket/parka is amazing, i have similar one!:)
    and cardigan is great too! but the ring is absolutelly stunning!<3

  8. You are so right, the ring really looks like the hello kitty bow, ADORABLE =)


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