Wednesday, December 1, 2010

MAC Cosmetics: Brush Cleanser

I finally ordered myself a Brush Cleanser from MAC Cosmetics.
I have read a lot of good reviews on this product, so i just had to get it and try it out.
My brushes need some serious cleaning. I have one from Elf Cosmetics, but it dont remove everything, so i think this might be the cleanser i have been looking for.

Im going to clean some of my brushes later today, and test it out.
I will do a review on this product soon :)

Its time to open the first advent calendar package from my mom and boyfriend.
I will do an advent calendar post each day and post the gift i got from them. Im so excited :)

I also got my brows done today, woohoo im so happy with the result :)

Which brush cleanser do you use?
Have you tried this from MAC?


  1. I love this cleanser but find I have to put some in a little travel bottle otherwise I pour out too much lol. Hope you enjoy it too and get those brushes sparkling clean hehe

  2. I need to get an advent calendar! I feel like December came really quickly!

  3. i haven't tried MAC's but i tried Shu Uemura's. It was awesome! my brushes were cleansed thoroughly and they dried very quickly after cleansing too! it's a bit expensive though, i think it's on par with the MAC one (price)!

  4. can't wait for your review! i just purchased the elf one and did not like it at all.. the smell was too strong..

    i usually just use antibacterial soap and water, but i would like to invest in a good brush cleanser.

  5. i have not tried the brush shampoo from the elf line but i have the daily brush cleaner, but i use a disinfectant shampoo to clean them, it's wayy cheaper :) can't wait to hear your review :)

  6. I just bought this a couple of weeks ago and love it! It's great for spot cleaning.

  7. i use the mac one its great but i put it in a spray bottle to avoid using too much


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