Thursday, December 30, 2010

NYX Cosmetics: Concealer & Glitter Eyeliners

Got these three products by NYX Cosmetics in the mail today.
I ordered them from ebay a week ago. I love doing my shopping on ebay, i always use ebay because i can find almost everything there.

Concealer In A Jar - Fair:

Im very excited about this concealer by NYX, i have never tried it before.
I have ordered a few concealers by different brands, i love trying out new products and i haven't really found my favorite yet.

Glitter Eyeliners In Lavender & French Champagne:

I have never tried the glitter eyeliners by NYX, thats why i bought these two so i could try them out. Beautiful colors :)


Pretty, right? :)

I will be posting reviews on these products as soon as i have tried them out.
Please let me know if you want a review on a product that i have posted before :)

Have you tried the glitter eyeliners from NYX Cosmetics? :)

Xoxo Christine


  1. awesome haul Christine, can't wait to hear your thoughts on the concealer, I haven't tried it yet :)

  2. This is perfect for New Years!
    Don't forget to enter my challenge!

  3. That glitter eyeliner looks so pretty! No, I haven't tried NYX's but love Urban Decay's and essence's glitter liners. Great for New Years, right! :)

  4. Oh ic that's great - but I was checking the items in stock somehow most of the stuff are no longer listed on the seller's list :(

    But I managed to find another awesome seller :

    But I have not yet bought from joys cometics, I'm dying to try out their new foundation and they have it in stock :D:D

  5. lovely haul sweetie,I havent tried any of these products but would like a review on the products thanx

  6. the glitter liners are so nice. i have one in silver, they make nice liners or u can even cover the whole lid in them for glittery eyes without buying glitter. have fun with them :) gota love nyx

  7. I am so interested to hear your thoughts on that concealer, I've been looking for it and haven't found it so far here in Canada. Enjoy your glitter liners...perfect for New Years Eve!

  8. I think that the glitter eyeliners could work amazingly for New years =)... Btw Happy new years =)

  9. arent those glitter eyeliners the best?! I purchased the silver one and wore it last night! love them and so affordable too!

  10. that glitter liner looks so pretty :)

    what do you think of the concealer ?


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