Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Yesterday's Shopping: Mini Haul

I wanted to share the items that i picked up yesterday when i went shopping with my mom.
I didn't get a lot of stuff, just a few items that i have been wanting for a while now.

Hope you like my mini haul post, let me know if you have any requests or questions :)


Had to pick up a new moisturizer since my bottle is empty.

Nivea Angel Star:

Shower Cream, Body Lotion and Deodorant from the Nivea Angel Star line.
Looking forward to try out these products, they smell really yummy :)

Britney Spears:

I have been wanting to buy this perfume for such a long time now, so i just had to get it.
It smells really good, almost like a type of candy :)
I also tried out her other perfumes, but this is the only one that smells good on me.

What do you think about my mini haul?

Do you have any of these products? :)

xoxo Christine


  1. what a lovel haul sweetie,Nivea has great skincare and I love Britney Spears Fantasy I always buy 100ml twice a year its sweet&nice..U coulda get the bigger bottle becoz works out way cheaper.

  2. I just bought a toner from Biotherm and I love it. I love their whole line! I'm curious about Britney's perfume, I haven't smelled that one yet.

  3. I love Biotherm products...been a loyal supporter of their product for a few years before switching to other range..lovely stuff u bought


  4. I love biotherm products too! I tried that moisturizer that you got and it's wonderful. nice haul!

  5. i love BS Fantasy too :) although i didn't buy it, it smells so much better than her 'curious'!

    the Nivea line looks interesting - i have never seen their pink packaging like this!

  6. This is the 3rd or 4th positive review I've seen now on Britney's perfume...I'm definitely going to see if I can go sample it somewhere.

  7. good haul. i need a new moisturizer too. i ahould try biotherm

  8. cool! i haven't tried any of them.. but i do like to sniff the britney spears perfume once in awhile..all her line is amazing.. very sweet and girly..

  9. Britney Spears Fantasy ♥ its nice =D!

  10. i think your mini haul is great. i always wanted to know if britney's perfume was good.

    i will be sending your giveaway win out this weekend!

  11. Oh i love fanatasy by BS!

    Enter my blog giveaway! Only 40 more subs needed to draw the winner!

  12. Love your mini haul! Nivea Angel star packaging look so pretty <3

  13. I also have been wanting to buy Fantasy for such a long time now! I've been told it smells like candy, and I'm a sucker for sweet perfumes!


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