Friday, December 10, 2010

H&M: New Sweathers

Yesterday i went shopping with my mom and i picked up these two things.
Couldn't find anything else that i wanted haha. I usually dont buy a lot of stuff in the city, because i always find better things online.

Found a few things that i really want on ebay, going to do some online shopping later tonight :)

So here are the two things i picked up:

Thick Sweather From H&M:

I decided to pick up this thick and warm sweather since its so cold here.
Its been snowing like crazy here, so warm clothes is a must have :)

Sweather From H&M:

Just a regular black sweather. Going to use this underneath the grey thick sweather , since it itches a little.

Will try and post my haul from Sweden tonight. I have been so lazy these couple of days haha :)

Have you bought anything from H&M lately? :)


  1. Lovely picks...I like the second one.
    Would love to see an OOTD post of yours wearing these:))

  2. I love the first one! The H&M store near my house is really small, so they never have cute clothes!

  3. great buys sweetie,I love the jumber&cardigan,very nice. Havent been to H&M for a while but will pass thru next week when buying xmas gifts


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