Monday, December 6, 2010

Covergirl Lash Blast Fusion In Very Black

I went to the post office today and picked up five packages, i have a few hauls coming up and also my big shopping haul from Sweden. :)

This was in one of the packages. I bought this mascara from ebay and its by Covergirl Cosmetics.
I have heard good and bad things about Covergirl products, but i wanted to try something, and i needed a new mascara so i decided to buy this one.

This is the lash blast fusion. I really like it so far, im going to do a more detailed review of this product when i have used it more.



I really like how my lashes look.

I paid $8, good deal for this mascara. The seller that i bought it from only had one, but if you are
interested in one, you can get one HERE

Which mascara are you using at the moment?

Have you tried any Covergirl products before? :)


  1. ur eyes look pretty sweetie,love e mascara on u,im using Maybelline the Falsies@e moment,my sister got me 2lipglosses from covergirl and i love them

  2. Your lashes look awesome! Right now, i am using Maybelline lash stiletto and it's quite good. I have the MAX factor false lash effects which is the same as the covergirl one, but im not a fan.

  3. Everytime i hear the brand covergirl i have to think about ANTM.. Cause in the older episodes they used to shoot for that brand. I wish i could try it but here in Holland we dont have the brand Covergirl.

  4. wow!! you're lashes look so long!! thats amazing! :-)

  5. What a difference!!! I would never expect that from Covergirl!

  6. woooow so curled!!! did u use a curler before or just the mascara? im looking for curlig mascara so bad!

  7. Wow, it looks amazing on you! This is on my list of mascaras to try (=


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