Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Perfume: Gucci Envy Me

I have been searching for this perfume for such a long time now.
My mom got me this perfume for my birthday a few years ago, and i have been loving it ever since. Im so happy that i found it in the duty free shop at the airport in Sweden.

Gucci - Envy Me

This perfume is one of my favorites, it smells so good.
You should absolutely check it out if you have it in your local perfume store.

Im a perfume lover haha. If i find a perfume that smells amazing, i need to have it in my collection. Everyone likes to smell good right? :)

Have you tried this perfume before? :)
xoxo Christine


  1. i think it's been discontinued because i know the regular envy has been! x

  2. I've had this one in 2006 I think. It brings back some wonderful memories ♥ Very flowery and fresh. Nice choice!

  3. This is my number one favorite perfume. :) I am currently out but have to many right now to buy another.

  4. this was one of my best friends fav perfume.. =D i do like the smell as well..

  5. oh so pretty!

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