Saturday, December 11, 2010

Sweden Shopping Haul

My suitcase is finally empty and i have taken pictures of all the goodies that i got in Sweden.
Im very excited to show you everything that i got, im very happy about all of these things.

Let me know if you have any questions or requests :)


Leopard sweather. Bought this at The New Yorker.

Warm pink sweather from The New Yorker.
My boyfriend bought me this one, the leopard singlet and the red top.

From The New Yorker.

Also from The New Yorker.

Wrist Warmers:

I love these wrist warmers, they are so cute and pink.
I used to have a pair like these a long time ago, but i lost them.
So happy i found these. They are from H&M :)


Look at this amazing color, i cant wait to style a outfit using this tights.
Its super cool :)
From Twilfit

Leg Warmers:

I dont have a pair of grey leg warmers, so i just had to get these.
Also from Twilfit


These boots are hot, i love them. I was looking for something like this. Saw a lot of shoes that i wanted but they didn't have my size :(

I got this cute little coin purse when i bought the boots.

Been wanting leopard heels for a very long time now.
I finally found a pair that i liked in Sweden, these are really cool :)


This is awesome. I love the skull details on this clutch, it is so cool.
And the fact that its pink makes it even cooler. My favorite color is pink haha. :)
From Gina Tricot


I finally have a pair of big angel wing earrings. I only have a pair of really small ones.

I only got these earrings because of the owl earrings, im into owls at the moment and these are adorable.
From Ur & Penn

Cupcake Coin Purse:

This little cupcake coin purse is the cutest.
Its perfect to carry your coins and just throw in your handbag.
From H&M


I have been wanting to try this mascara and since i needed a new one i just got this.
I will be doing a review on this product. That brush looks really good, i hope it will give me
fabulous looking lashes :)

What do you think about my haul? :)

Do you want to see outfit pictures?


  1. Wow, the leopard sweather, singlet and heels rock! I LOVE leopard prints! I need some heels like this, too =D

    I have angel wings earrings similar to those you bought, I love them (=

    Can't wait to read your review on the L'Oréal mascara!

  2. the boots is so nice! :D the clutch, cool! xD looks like you can turn it then it'll magically open the clutch*dreams*! and the angel wing earring is just too adorable! the cupcake coin purse is also too cute too resist T____T nice haul! :D

  3. Great haul Chris!! Love those boots and the jewelery as well.
    The leopard print sweater is great:)))

  4. I love your hauls. =) I especially like the first leopard sweater and the leopard pumps!

  5. love the leopard printed shoes:X:X:X...they are absolutely stunning:X...and the earrings are great too:X

    xoxo sere

  6. Whoa awesome haul sweetie,love it all


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