Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Sigma Makeup: Make Me Up Collection

Sigma Makeup has just released a brand new collection called Make Me Up.
This collection contains of their best seller professional 12 brushes kit. The sets come in four beautiful colors and also a durable and multifunctional container. It protects the brushes and it also transforms into two stylish brush holders.

Make Me Classy - Black

Make Me Crazy - Purple

Make Me Blush - Coral

Make Me Cool - Aqua

I absolutely love Sigma's brushes, the quality is amazing.
I promised myself that i wouldn't buy anything for a while, but it looks like i have to break that promise haha. I really want the Make Me Cool Set, its so cute :)

Prize: $99

Check out Sigma's Website, you can buy this collection HERE

What do you think about Sigma's new collection?

Which brush kit is your favorite? :)

Xoxo Christine


  1. oh god. this is so so tempting :) damn you Christine :P

    thanks for sharing, the purple one looks so great :)

  2. I have my own proffesional set for work but I have fallen in love with these, the pink set is so cute! Great present. :)x

  3. ohh wow! I love the aqua set! XXX

  4. These are super cute! I like them all except for the black, but only because most of my brush handles are already black lol. My fave is the teal set because it's different :)

  5. I like the aqua one but now i'm really broke :s x


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