Thursday, December 23, 2010

New Shoes

Here are the new shoes that i ordered from Ebay, i got them in the mail yesterday.
Im very happy about these shoes, i cant wait to start using these :)

I really have to start packing now. My mom is picking me up in two hours and i have lots of stuff that i have to take with me. Im also taking my computer with me, hopefully their internet works this time. :)

What are you guys doing today?
What do you think about my new shoes? :)


  1. Hey gorgeous shoes!!! Lovely:))
    By the way where are you going with your mom?

  2. hot shoes. i see you shop on ebay alot :) a lot of good finds there

  3. Nice, I wish I could walk in heels but I just can't. Not even thick ones.. I still sprain my ankle lol!

    I did a blog post on the kabuki brush I won from your giveaway, here is the link, Thanks again!!

  4. Ooooh amazing shoes! I love eBay, I always find tons of amazing stuff there =D

  5. Those are really cute what brand are they?

  6. I love em, I was trying to find something like that at Macy's but for some reason either Sold out or not my size... :-(...

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  7. cute shoes! :D and just in time for christmas too! ;) Merry Christmas(Eve)! :D


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