Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sigma Makeup Mini Haul

A while ago, Sigma Makeup had free worldwide shipping on their website and i ended up ordering a few goodies of course haha! I love that Sigma had free worldwide shipping, not a lot of websites that have deals like that.

So these are the two things i ended up buying. :)

Makeup Bag:

This bag is HUGE. I can put my computer in this makeup bag and still have room for more stuff, thats amazing. They have this makeup bag in purple, black and blue, but i really wanted the blue one. I think its so pretty.

Im actually considering buying the purple or the black one to store my computer in ;)

Cleopatra Mirror:

I finally ordered my favorite mirror on their website.
This is so pretty, look how gorgeous it is. Im definitely keeping this in my purse. I also have a black mirror that came in one of their collections with a makeup bag and kabuki brush, love it too :)

Free Brush:

When you order from Sigma, you always get this cute traveling blending brush.
I love this brush, its my favorite brush from Sigma. This is so perfect and small and you can take it with you everywhere :)

Check out Sigma Makeup's website HERE

What do you think about my little haul?

Have you ordered from Sigma before? :)


  1. hey dats a nice haul..n nice blog..followin u..
    do check out mine..

  2. nice haul! i think the mirror is my fav since its sparkly and my fav color lol =)

  3. i have it in purple and i got the brush gift too <3 enjoy

  4. lovely haul hun,i love evrythn u bought Cant wait to order a brush set from Sigma soon

  5. i think the mirror is adorable. by the way, i sent out your giveaway package yesterday so hopefully you will get it soon!

  6. the purple mirror is super cute! haha thats cool how you can put your comp inside!

  7. oh lucky you! I WANT SIGMAA
    Thank you SO MUCH for your sweet words about my weight lost! That means a lot to me!


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