Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Brightening Eye Color Quad in Drama [Swatches]

Drama is probably one off the Brightening Eye Color Quads by Elf Cosmetics that I have heard people talk most about. I wanted to pick this one up because its one off the quads that I dont own and its always great to have something like this in your makeup collection, you never know when you want to rock that smokey eye :)

♥ Brightening Eye Color Quad in Drama.

All four colors have good pigmentation which im very impressed with since this is only $1, you just cant beat that price! :)

You get a matte, white eyeshadow which is perfect to use to highlight your brow bone. You also get a dark grey, a black and a silver shadow. The grey and black shades reminds me off Gunmetal and Creep from Urban Decay's NAKED palette which I love. I really like the Silver shade in this quad, its beautiful and I get a Christmas feeling when I look at it haha, it might be all the glitter :)

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Which Brightening Eye Color Quad is your favorite? :)
Love Christine♥


  1. Yeah, I've heard that is one of their best palettes. Would you say that the black is a true dark black though? I'm always on the hunt for those.

  2. This is really pretty! Its the perfect color combo for a night out.


  3. I have this quad and I love it :) Super pretty for the price!

  4. Oh wow!! I have seen those in the shops, but wasn't really interested because honestly the packaging turned me off a bit. But I will definitely get some now! Look at how gorgeous they are!

  5. I have ordered this as well :) Looking forward to it :)

  6. gorgeous colors!!

  7. @prettyinthedesert The packaging is very simple but the shadows are great :)

  8. @Areej Usman I cant wait to hear what you think about this :)

  9. @Y The black is actually not that dark as it looks like, but you can build it up. Wet n Wild makes a good black color :)

  10. the colors are amazing and the price is unbelievableeeeeee

  11. Disse fargene så virkelig pigmenterte og flotte ut :)


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