Sunday, August 21, 2011

Le Angelique's 25mm Clip Less Curling Iron

I ordered this clipless curling iron from Ebay about two weeks ago and it finally arrived in the mail a few days ago. Its by the brand Le Angelique which I have heard about before. I have been eyeing a few curling irons at their website, so I was very happy and excited when I found them on Ebay as well.

I cant wait to try it out and see how well it works. I love that you get a glove because its always great to stay protected against the heat, you also get two clips which is great to use just to get the hair out off the way until you need it.

I have been wanting to get a clipless curling iron for such a long time now. I have been using one by L'Oreal Paris which I have had for years now and its just not working out for me anymore. I do have a few irons with clips but I dont like the little dent's they create when I curl it, do you get those as well? Let me know what you think about the iron in the comments below :)

Where to buy?
You can find this at Le Angelique website, here. You can also find it on Ebay, here is the link to the seller I bought it from.

How often do you curl your hair? :)
Love Christine


  1. I don't own a curling iron yet, because my hair are really curly. I was thinking of getting a traditional one, perhaps by hot tools, just for softer curls. I don't know, I'm still thinking about it! Let us know how good this one is.

  2. @Y I will review this one when I have tried it out :)

  3. i have babyliss but i dont think thats really working.. i dont curl my hair at all actually.. maybe i should try it again n see :)

  4. @ZatZ I think you should try it again, I would love to see how it looks on you :)

  5. I don't have any curling iron but I so need one! :)Waiting for you to share your opinions. <3

  6. Hi Christine! This is probably something I should invest in as I curl my hair quite often. My hair is naturally wavy, but for some reason I blow-dry it straight and then curl it. It ends up as a neater version of my natural hair. I'm not sure why I go to all the trouble! Haha!

    Kisses, Melanie

  7. Love the curlin iron ! I'm eyeing one myself but u haven't found one that i like.. Might just stick with my Hot Tools


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