Friday, August 5, 2011

Wet'nWild Giveaway Winner

Sorry for the lack off blog posts lately, I have not been feeling good but now Im finally back and I do have a lot off upcoming posts to share with you wonderful girls :)

I thought it was time to announce the winner off my Wet'nWild giveaway that ended August 1. I just want to thank you all who wanted to be a part off it, your support means a lot to me and I do hope you continue to follow my blog and leave your sweet comments. They mean so much to me and they inspire me and makes me want to blog even more :)

Congrats to Pooja_G from Beauty, Brains and Brawns. I have sent you an email, please get back to me with your information before 72 hours or I will have to pick another winner :)

Please dont get discuraged if you didn't win this time. I will be having a big giveaway when I reach 1000 followers. If you are a big fan off makeup brushes, you might like this one a lot ;)

Love Christine


  1. Glad you're feeling better! Can't wait to see the upcoming stuff :D

  2. YAY Christine :D :D Thanks a lot hun, you made my day :D *hugs*

  3. I'm glad you are feeling better now sweetie, take care of your self
    and congrats to the winner:D

  4. Nice to see you back with your posts! missed you!! Congrats Pooja :-D


Thank you so much for reading my blog and for leaving me such lovely comments, I really appreciate each and every single one off you. You guys are truly amazing, thank you for making my day with your sweet words! I always reply back to comments, so make sure to check back!♥

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