Tuesday, August 23, 2011

H&M Haul♥

I wanted to share my H&M haul with you girls. I got all off these items from my mom last week when we went shopping together. Let me know what you you think about these items in the comments below :)

♥ I love these earrings, super cute. I saw that one off the earrings was missing when I finished uploaded the picture.

♥ I cant wait to rock this ring, how awesome is it? I love it :)

♥ I love this little key necklace, its really adorable :)

I cant wait to start wearing all off my new pieces, dont you just love all the new fall clothes at H&M? Its definitely my favorite store to shop :)

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What do you think about my haul?
Have you bought anything new from H&M? :)
Love Christine


  1. The key necklace is adorable, seriously need to pick that up next time I'm in! xx

  2. I just was there last week and got a few things but I swear I didn't see any of these. I love the color of that first sweater you got some pretty great fall outfits :)



  3. Awesome haul girl, I would love to see you wear those in an outfit post :)

  4. We don't have an H&M here locally, so my first time at an H&M was when I was out at Prague !
    I miss that store so much. I very, very nearly bought that cardigan, and I regret that I didn't </3
    Oh well !
    Great haul x

  5. lovely haul! wheres the missing earring?

  6. Love the key necklace!! xx Elle

  7. Love the cute earrings and the little key chain!!!

  8. nice haul.

    love that dress! :)

  9. @EveryDay Makeup blog Its been such a long time since I have done an outfit post. I might put a few off these pieces together and do a post soon :)

  10. @ZatZ One off the big ones to the left :)

  11. That cardigan looks so cosy, I'm sure you'll enjoy each & every one of those items.

  12. Awww I'm jealous! Having H&M withdrawals here in Miami!


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