Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Elf Cosmetics Haul♥

Girls, its time for yet another haul and this time im going to share the newest products that I picked up from Elf Cosmetics. I ordered these a while ago when they had their 50% off, dont you just love their awesome deals? I sure do :)

I also picked up a few goodies for upcoming giveaways, but I dont want to show you them in this post because I dont want to ruin the surprise. I cant wait to give back to you girlies and show my appreciation, you guys are so amazing :)

♥ Elf Cosmetics Haul:

♥ Nail polishes in Fair Pink & Mango Madness.

♥ Blush Brush, Complexion Brush & Powder Brush.

♥ Minty Lip Glosses in Los Angeles, New York City & Houston.

♥ Brightening Eye Color Quad in Drama.

♥ Custom Eyes in Pink Ice, Dusk, Moondust, Truly Pink & Golden Glow.

♥ 32 Piece Eyeshadow Collection.

The 32 Piece Eyeshadow Collection was supposed to be one off the prizes for my giveaway but as you can see, one off the shadows got damaged so I dont think I will be giving it away after all. Dont want to give you anything that is broken. I will fix this though, it looks like a nice collection off bright colors which I may get some use out off :)

What do you think about my haul?
Any products you have in your makeup collection as well? :)
Love Christine


  1. Mango Madness is gorgeous!! I'm gonna see if I can get one, too :)

  2. Beautiful! Great blog! :)


  3. Great haul christi!!!! The glosses look lovely...even I have one in Houston <3 Would love to see the swatches of the rest!

  4. Eeeep! I love the Mango Madness nail polish! I rarely like orangy colors but that one is soooo pretty! The palette looks awesome! I love your 32 palette! I got one but the colors are different ;( yours is so much prettier!

  5. Nice stuff dear!!

    C s 1 9 9 3


  6. I need to make a little elf haul soon, I've seen some amazing reviews and there's a couple of things I'd love to pick up! x

  7. I like that eyeshadow quad. I love black glittery shadow.

  8. wow you got some amazing thing !! love the lip glosses =)

  9. I loooove that quad in Drama, and have been thinking about getting those lipglosses for a while! Excited to hear what you think :)

  10. @prettyinthedesert Its gorgeous, you should definitely get it :)

  11. @Rakhshanda Thank you :) Im going to post swatches soon :)

  12. @Dinorah ♥ This 32 eyeshadow palette is called Everyday brights :)

  13. I have all the brushes and I adore them. Use them all the time!

  14. These are so pretty!!! I ♥ the lip glosses & I ♥ their names!



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