Tuesday, August 9, 2011

My Cherry Culture Haul♥

I have a pretty big haul post to share with you girls today. I ordered these products a while ago from cherryculture.com. Im such a big fan off that site, their prices are good and they have a great selection off products. I always place a big order everytime Im on their site, so difficult to only choose a few products haha.

Im just going to show you which products I ordered in this post and I will do several post with swatches off the different products. Thats just because this post is going to be too long if I post everything at once. I hope you enjoy my haul post, please let me know what you think :)

♥ Sinful Colors blushes in Pink Shell, The Peenk & Whisper Rose.

♥ Cant remember the name off the polish without the sticker, but I think its called flirting nails.

♥ Milani Baked Bronzers in Glow & Golden.

♥ L.A. Colors Trios in:
Aluminum-Ized/Lavender Frost/Deep Lavender
Iris/Orchid/ Purple Passion
White Ice/Bronzed Beauty/Chocolate Brownie

♥ Arissa Baked Eyeshadows in Starry Nights, Twilight & Meteor Shower.

♥ L.A. Colors Baked Eyeshadow in Zero Gravity, Solar & Celestial.

♥ Milani Baked Eyeshadow in Drench in Gold, Intermix & Fusion.

♥ Milani Baked Eyeshadow in Rich Java, Pink Twice & Purrr-Fect Purple.

I hope you liked my haul and that you are still reading this haha, I know it was a long one :)

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Have you tried any off these products before? Which site is your favorite site to buy beauty products from? :) Love Christine♥


  1. nice buys,

    did u pay a lot for the shipping?

  2. Awesome haul gal!!! Have fun!! :)

  3. OOoh love the mint green nail polish and all the milani bronzers n eyeshadows!!!

  4. Those Sinful colour polishes look amazing! Need to get some of those!!! How was the shipping on the site? all right or crazy expensive?? xxxx

  5. Awesome haul sweetie,love everythn u boughtt,I'm dying to try
    Milani&sinful products

  6. Can't wait to see swatches of sinful colour nail polishes especially the first four! They totally are my type of colours!

  7. @ElleThe shipping was good, not that expensive at all :)

  8. @Chiara No, the shipping was not expensive :)

  9. I love CherryCulture.com too. They have all kinds of makeup brands with the best prices :) You got a lot of stuff and they're all so pretty! I especially like the Sinful Colors blushes.

  10. that's what i call a haul! :o) i love hauls and you got some pretty things here! I especially like the shades of those Arissa Baked Eyeshadows!

  11. oh my! that's a lot! i envy you girl! nice hual!


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