Friday, August 12, 2011

Seche Vite Top Coat

I got the Seche Vite Top Coat in the mail today. I have heard nothing but wonderful things about this and people say that its one off the best top coats out there. The bottle was much bigger than I had imagined it to be which Im very happy about. I haven't found my ''must have'' top coat yet, so im very excited to try this. I will be doing a review soon :)

I bought this on Ebay, here is the link if you are interested in trying it out as well :)

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What is your favorite top coat? :)
Love Christine♥


  1. i have read so many good reviews on this , let us know what you think :)

  2. I love Seche, but make sure you use it quickly! It tends to get thick if it sits around too much.

  3. i love that! very effective product!
    been busy for a while.. i miss to read your lovely blog posts. and i miss the lovely owner as well.

  4. I am also very curious about this polish, I've heard so much about it! Looking forward to your review :)

  5. @OPI Addict Thanks girlie♥ I cant wait to see how it is :)

  6. I recently got some Seche Vite and love it! I usually use Essie's Good to Go, but this one kinda blew it out of the water. The only thing is that it's pretty thick. I'm not sure I'm gonna get past half of it before it starts to become unusable.


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