Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Nail Look Featuring 401 by Rosie & Roses

I picked up this nail polish by a brand called Rosie & Roses yesterday and I absolutely love it. I have never heard about this brand before, but it was on sale so I just had to pick it up and try it. Im such a sucker for nail polishes, I love trying new brands :)

This polish will be featured in my upcoming shopping haul along with another polish I picked up by the same brand :)

I absolutely love how it looks on my nails, its beautiful :)

What do you think about the color? :)
Love Christine


  1. This color is a must have ! Very pretty

  2. This is such a gorgeous almost sea foam green color :) Never heard of that brand.

  3. Gorgeous colour. Its really unexpected (I thought it would be lighter and a little more blue) but its a nice surprise.

  4. Pretty color! You have really nicely shaped nails.

  5. I love the colour! I can imagine it worn with a white outfit.

    Kisses, Melanie

  6. What a nice colour! Reminds me of mermaids tears from OPI a little bit xxx

  7. Cool colour, but for me a liitle bit too dark :)

  8. @Elle Yeah, It do remind me a little about that one too. Im going to swatch them and see how similar they are :)

  9. That is soooo pretty, its a range I've never heard of, are they very popular?? xxx


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