Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Shopping Haul

Yesterday i went shopping with my mom and i got a few things that i want to show you guys.
Went to H&M, and i have to say that im LOVING the clothes for fall.
So many gorgeous pieces to choose from, wish i could have everything in that store haha.

I love this jacket, its a perfect jacket for fall and army green is one of my favorite colors.
Its definitely a color i will be wearing alot for fall. :)
And this was 50% off, such a good deal.

This is such a cute vest and the color is so pretty too.

Leopard prints are so hot, i love it.
Top from bikbok

YAY im so happy that this dress is finally mine.
They only had one dress left in my size at H&M, lucky :D

I also got these small baskets and two big ones to organize my makeup.
Need a smart way to store everything in, and these would be perfect :)

I also got this Hello Kitty notebook.
Im going to use this to keep track on your requests, so please let me know what you want to see and read more about :)

What do you think about my little haul? :)



  1. I love the dress, its perfect!

  2. I love the dress too:)
    Gonna buy it on saturday:D

  3. Love the dresses :) Congrats on your new buy lol and yeah those seem a perfect way to organize your make-up. BTW I will be doing a post tonight because I'm slacking so be sure to check that out, THANKS!

  4. i think i need to go shopping with you lol i dont usually shop in H&M but the vest and top you got are very cute!

  5. lovely haul...I like the Animal print vest&jacket

  6. ohhh love every single thing you bought...such great style xox

  7. love the's awesome!!!!!

  8. Oh my God! I love, love that dress!!!


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