Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Italian Vouge: Emma Watson

The pictures, clothes and setting looks so amazing, fabulous and perfect in Vouge, dont you agree? Would be a dream to be a part of something like this. :)

I love these pictures of Emma, she looks beautiful.
And i love the second picture, she looks amazing.

Which picture is your favorite? :)

As you probably have seen or heard, Emma has cut her hair short.
I think she looks very pretty with short hair, but i miss her long hair haha.
I just think she looks better with long hair :)

What do you think about her new haircut? :)

Please keep requests coming :)



  1. Love it:)
    Emma is so pretty^^


  2. She has such elegant style. I'm loving her purple dress, so flattering!

  3. O I just love Emma's pics. The second and the fourth one look really stunning!! Great post Christine!

  4. And yeah congrats on the 113 followers darling!

  5. love HP therefore love Emma...she has a natural beauty...i love the fourth pic...red looks good on her:x

    xoxo sere

  6. she looks fabulous&love e new haircut..great post I like it

  7. Love all the pictures. I miss her long hair too..

  8. Emma looks so fabulous in those photos! Her eyes are so piercing!

    I can't believe she chopped off her locks though! :( It has to grow back fast! lol.

  9. I like the third one best! That dress is gorgeous!!
    I don't like her haircut though... She look much better with long hair...

  10. I like the third one best! That dress is gorgeous!!
    I don't like her haircut thought... She look much better with long hair...

  11. those pictures are beautiful. she actually reminds me of twiggy with her new haircut. i think she suits it! shes gorgeous

  12. the 3rd pic is my fave. i think she looks amazing and really grown up here. and i don't mind the pixi cut because i know she did that to get a change. makes sense to me! it'll grow back anyway.


  13. She looks better with long hair..
    Anyway, she is very pretty girl:)


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