Saturday, September 11, 2010

VS: Who Wore It Best?

Gisele Bundchen VS Jennifer Lopez

I love the dress that these two ladies are wearing, its so gorgeous, wish i had this dress in my

I have to say that i think this dress looks better on Jennifer Lopez.
Love how she has styled it, a simple but gorgeous look. Love her shoes, hair and makeup, she looks beautiful as always :)

Who do you think wore this dress best?
Gisele Bundchen or Jennifer Lopez?



  1. I agree with you! It looks better on JLO. Gisele is really simple and not interesting in this photo!
    nice blog!

    Blame it on the boogie\

  2. Jennifer Lopez definately pull this dress off alot better! I think its her shoulder! ;) xxxx new follwer xxx

  3. is it wrong that i like giselles better? haha. its more casual and thats what i like better. i agree jlo looks glamourous and beautiful but thats not me. i like casual beautiful :)

  4. they've both worn it in a pretty similar way, but i think lopez just pulls it off slightly better

  5. Its hard for me to say. I think the dress looks better on Gisele but I like the accessories and the way the dress is styled on Jennifer....undecided.

  6. i would have to say J-lo ,, she is curvy and it looks prettier on her =)

  7. think the color looks different on jlo, and i like that color better. but i like that giselle is standing up she looks a bit better to me.

  8. Jlo look way skinny here not her style dress I have to go with Giselle

  9. Jennifer Lopez wears the dress better. I love the way she styled her hair too. She has style.


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