Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Today's Nails: Coral

Hey cupcakes, hope everyone is having a fun and fabulous day / night :)

I wanted to try out one of my new nail polishes by elf, its called Coral.
Its a very pretty color, it looks kind of pink in this picture. I also used a clear nail polish by H&M.

I really like this color. Its very pretty, and i have to say that im very happy about the elf nail polishes. They are so cheap, but the quality is amazing. Im thinking about doing a elf nail polish haul, what do you think? :)

I love my ring too, its from H&M. Its so pretty and looks more pretty with the coral nails :)

Im going shopping today with my mom, looking forward to it.
And if i end up buying somehing i will show you guys, love doing hauls :)

And please let me know if there is anyhing you want to read more about :)

What do you think about my coral nails? :)



  1. ohh its a gorgeous colour xox


  2. very pretty nails..love e colour&e ring as well hun

  3. Awww just love the color!!! The ring is looking fab with your nails.

  4. I'm pretty sure I already said this on your haul post, but I really like that nail color, tempted to get it!!

  5. I love that nail polish color. I wish there was an H&m where I lived : (


  6. i did an ELF polish haul and it worked out great for me. they have some awesome colors, like this coral one!


  7. I really love the undertone in that nail polish! BTW NICE RING!

  8. oOOo that is a pretty color! i can't wait to go to target in october and buy everything elf lol

  9. Love this coral pink color! I think I will buy a nail polish in the same color, I absolutely fell in love with it! :)


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