Saturday, September 25, 2010

Lady Gaga - Hello Kitty Photo Shoot

Have you guys seen these gorgeous pictures of Lady Gaga's photoshoot with Hello Kitty?
I just love the whole look and Gaga looks gorgeous.

I LOVE her eyemakeup. It looks a little scary, but gorgeous at the same time.
Im a huge fan of this look and would love to try this one out.
Think i have to practice ALOT haha.

If you have done this look before, please let me know :)

Pretty shoes.
I really like the setting in this photo shoot :)

Wow look at that dress, it looks so soft haha :)

I think that Lady Gaga's Style is amazing and unique.
I love that she is not affraid to be herself and to dress different.
That makes her stand out from all the other artists today, which is amazing in my eyes.

What do you think of this photoshoot?
Are you a big Gaga fan? :)



  1. You're so right with the word scary. From the very first time i saw her fashion statement i'm already scared of her, what's more when i read our fellow bloggers post about her, check it out here:

    BTW, have you seen her latest wear when she was wearing raw meat? freakin scary really!

  2. Love the pictures. Think that lady gaga looks amazing! Thanks for sharing & really glad that u followed back. =)



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