Friday, September 17, 2010

Curly Hair

I really wanted to curl my hair today, and i took some pictures to show you guys.
I love curly hair, i think its so pretty and makes your hair look really cute :)

I love curly hair :)
And sorry about all the mess in the background haha :)

I used this iron by L'OREAL to curl my hair today. I have had this iron forever haha, and im so happy that i still have it. Its cheap, the quality is very good and you get super cute curls.

Always remember to use heat protection when you curl your hair.
This is my Sunsilk Minerals. This is a very good heat protection.
Have to get a new bottle soon :)

I will definitely be wearing alot of curls :)

What do you think of curly hair? You like it?



  1. You look so pretty as always<3

  2. Your curls came out SO good! & I love your rope belt

  3. You look stunning!
    I wish I could be bothered to curl my hair

    xx Black Adder Fashion

  4. you look absolutely LOVELY...xoxo sere

  5. I love the curly hair on you, you look much more pretty!


  6. How did I miss this post..u r so beautiful&lovely...ur hair is beautiful as well love it

  7. Curly hair looks so HOT for you!!
    You should do it more often, you're so sexy on these photos! I love your outfit as well. :)
    xoxo, Betty


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