Friday, September 10, 2010

NYX Lipsticks

I finally bought some NYX lipsticks on ebay, that i have been wanting to try out for a while.
The seller i bought these from had a lot of colors to choose from, so it was pretty hard to decide haha. Maybe i will buy a few more colors from her. Still a couple of colors that i want in my collection.

Here are the colors that i picked out:

From Left: Watermelon, Iris, Summer Love & Paris

Swatches of the colors:

From the top: Paris, Summer Love, Iris & Watermelon

Im loving these colors, i think all four is so pretty and i cant wait to wear them.
The lipstick's are so soft on the lips, love it. Have tried a couple of lipsticks before that has been so sticky, hate sticky lipsticks and lipglosses.
Maybe i will write reviews on these four :)

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  1. Skriv på norsk først æ :P
    Dem såg skikkelig deilig ut:)
    Vill åsså prøve:D
    Skal sende deg en pakke snart ;) Fikk du forresten ønskelista fra h&m som æ sendte deg på mailen din?
    Sjekk ut dagens outfit på bloggen min:)

    They looked really lovely:)
    I also want to try them: D
    Check out today's outfit on my blog:)

  2. BEAUTIFUL colors! I LOVE NYX cosmetics. The texture of their round lipsticks is AMAZING. I only own 3, but I would love a few more. Thank you for sharing.

  3. nyx lipsticks are so good for their price! i only own 1 but want more. the colors u have r so pretty

  4. oh i love that watermelon and iris color! so pretty!!! xoxo

  5. I only have 2 NYX lipsticks and while they are really bright and pigmented, I really found that they slid around my lips too much, especially if paired with a gloss. Make sure you use a good lip liner to set this in place!

  6. i really like the Paris color. would love to see more makeup tips for makeup newbies like myself. :)

  7. im loving the summer love color! we finally started selling nyx where i live! i got so excited when i saw those haha.

    im actually loving all your posts! so what you blog about is good for me :)

  8. Paris is so pretty!, I want to try everything from nyx, thanks for the swatches, I need to go and get me that color!, I love reviews on products so would love to see that on your blog :)

  9. WOW ,, that paris lipstick is a MUST have ,, ill search for it next time i see nyx stuff =)

  10. i keep hearing so many good things about nyx that i feel like i neeeeed to try something of theirs!

  11. Summer love and Paris look stunningggg!

  12. I need to get me some NYX lipsticks..they r pretty thanx for sharing

  13. your going to love them !!! i love Paris its perfect


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