Tuesday, September 21, 2010

IsaDora Wigwham & Hello Kitty

Today i recieved a gift in the mail from my beautiful friend Helene

Helene, Thank you so much for the cute gift you sent me, you are too sweet and i love you to death haha. I wanted to show you guys what Helene sent me, she is so kind and sweet. You should also check out her blog :)

Here are the lovely things she sent me:

A lunch box, so cute. Thinking about storing some of my makeup in this box.
the size is perfect :)

This would be so cute to store my makeup brushes in. :)

I can wait to try out this wigwham mascara by IsaDora, it looks really good.
I think i will be doing a review about this product.

the brush looks good.

She also sent me this magazine Love reading magazines about makeup and beauty :)

There is alot of Hello Kitty stuff haha, im a huge fan of Hello Kitty.
Its so cute, never get tired of that adorable kitty haha :)

Remember to check out Helene's blog here:

And please let me know if there is anything you want to read more about.
Love getting feedback from you guys :)



  1. As always Christine, you made my day, seeing those hello kitty stuff makes me happy already! lol =)

  2. I just LOVE your Hello Kitty stuff! I love Hello Kitty, too, she's so sweet.
    Your room should be full of your make up things! *jealous* haha just a joke, you know I love U! <3
    xoxo, Betty

  3. omg so cute love hello kitty. xox


  4. aww thats so sweet of her :) i love hello kitty!

  5. U got it from me:)
    Love u snuppa <3


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