Sunday, September 26, 2010

Smokey Brown - Matte VS Shiny

Yesterday i tried out one of my new nail polish by elf called Smokey Brown.
I also decided to try out the matte finisher on top, never tried it before so i had to give it a try.

Here is the color with the matte finisher on top.
Have to say that i like shiny nail polishes better than matte ones, think it looks more pretty.

So i decided to paint them again and show you both looks.

I think this looks much better.
Love this color, its a great color for fall.
Elf just got it back in stock, so i just had to have it.

I also have a huge elf haul to show you. A while ago they had free shipping on their website, and i went crazy haha. This nail polish is one of the items i got :)

Do you prefer matte or shiny nail polishes?

Please keep requests coming :)



  1. I think this looks better shiny.
    What matte top coat did you use? I've been looking everywhere and I've yet to find one.


  2. I prefer shiny, but I like to wear mattes once in a while...

    Benefit does ship worldwide, if you purchase over $115, there's a promo code world115 for free shipping

  3. i love this color and i wear it shiny as well. awesome!

  4. I prefer the shiny look. I've never painted my nails with matte nail polish, but I think it doesn't look so good...
    I love this chocolate colour!

  5. Love the matte polish !!! and congrats on your 100 followers whoo hooo

  6. I like it shiny best. :O)

    I tried to email you but it bounced back.
    I didn't want to be obnoxious leaving all kinds of links in your comment section. *laugh out loud* I wish you had a comment box like me on the side of your blog, then I could have left this there. Anyway...

    You requested a breakdown of my NYX liner collection. Here are the links. :O)
    HTH (hope this helps)

    Thanks so much for your continued support of my blog. :O)

  7. I did the same mani 2 days ago. The matte top coat is amazing but for this colour I prefer the shiny top coat.

  8. I love the color! But I really like the end results on the last picture, the color is ef. perfect for fall :)


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