Friday, September 23, 2011

Physicians Formula: Bronze Gems Matte & Bright Brozer, Highlighter & Eye Shadow [Swatches]

What I really love about this product is that it's so versatile. It can be used as a bronzer, a highlighter and even an eyeshadow. The bronzer itself is matte, it got a few glitter particles but its not enough to show up on the skin. I think it would also make a really good crease color, I will have to try that out sometime :)

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Which bronzer is your favorite? :)
Love Christine


  1. Oh wow. I want to look for this product now since I'm searching for a highlighter and a bronzer. <3

  2. I would love to try Physicians formula, it's all so pretty x

  3. Wow!I love that bronzer!!!:)Btw thank you so much for your comment and wish you don't be a stranger :) kisses!!

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    and on-line store !! :)

  4. Those are really pretty shade! Though never used anything from the brand, but I heard a lot of good things about them. :)

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  5. @MSodapop If you decide to pick it up, please let me know what you think :)

  6. @Summer Loren Their products are really cute, love the details :)

  7. @Myrted You should definitely give them a try :)

  8. love physicians formula bronzers.

  9. This looks so pretty!
    Thanks for your reaction!


  10. i love Stila Bronzer....<3 too bad we don't have physician formula looks very good.. and versatile..

  11. wow this looks really nice I might have to try it out xD


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