Friday, September 2, 2011

Delon Laboratories: Organic Now

I picked up these products a few days ago, a body wash, moisturizing lotion and a body scrub. They were all on sale for $3.68 each which is a great deal compared to how much product you get for the price. Dont you just love a good deal? I always get so happy and excited when I see new products, especially if they are on sale :)

These products smell so freaking good, I just cant stop sniffing them haha. These are not tested on any animals either which I know is very important to a lot off you, just thought I would let you know about that. Im excited to try these out and let you know what I think about them. I will probably do a review on these as well :)

Have you tried anything by Delon Laboratories?
Love Christine


  1. dang girl, that`s a steal for that price, I love when the product smells so amazing, that`s like a double plus, I can`t wait to see your review on these!


  2. No, I haven't heard them before. But a good deal & good products? cool!

  3. @Y I haven't tried them yet, but hopefully they are good. Love the smell :)

  4. @HeartDollie♥ Yeah, the price was really good, lets hope the products are good too :)

  5. Det merket har jeg aldri hørt om, men håper at produktet er godt. :) Produkter som lukter godt er alltid et pluss ;)

  6. That is such awesome packaging...It would tempt me for that reason itself, looks so lovely :)


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