Monday, September 26, 2011

L’Oreal Paris & Project Runway Colors Take Flight Collection

Just in time for autumn’s fashion-forward styles, L’Oréal Paris, in conjunction with Emmy-nominated Project Runway, introduces “Colors Take Flight” – a limited-edition cosmetics collection of four palettes inspired by the captivating colors of exotic birds. L’Oréal Paris Consulting Makeup Artist and Project Runway featured artist Collier Strong helped develop this collection which offers new and stunning shade ranges, rich textures and the tools to create distinctly different makeup looks. Inspired by the Cockatoo, the Owl, the Raven and the Amazon Parrot, these four cosmetics sets bring runway-inspired beauty to new heights.
Charming Cockatoo.

♥ Watchful Owl’s Gaze Eyeshadow Quad ($8.95)

♥ Audacious Amazon’s Gaze Eyeshadow Quad ($8.95)

♥ Charming Cockatoo’s Blush ($9.95)

♥ Audacious Amazon’s Flash ($4.99)

♥ Audacious Amazon’s Flare ($4.99)

♥ Charming Cockatoo’s Pout, Sultry Raven’s Pout, Watchful Owl’s Pout.

Charming Cockatoo
♥ Charming Cockatoo’s Gaze Eyeshadow Quad ($8.95)
♥ Charming Cockatoo’s Blush ($9.95)
♥ Charming Cockatoo’s Pout (8.95)
♥ Charming Cockatoo’s Wisdom ($4.99)
♥ Charming Cockatoo’s Mystery ($4.99)

Watchful Owl
♥ Watchful Owl’s Gaze Eyeshadow Quad ($8.95)
♥ Watchful Owl’s Blush ($9.95)
♥ Watchful Owl’s Pout (8.95)
♥ Watchful Owl’s Night ($4.99)
♥ Watchful Owl’s Lust ($4.99)

Audacious Amazon
♥ Audacious Amazon’s Gaze Eyeshadow Quad ($8.95)
♥ Audacious Amazon’s Blush ($9.95)
♥ Audacious Amazon’s Pout (8.95)
♥ Audacious Amazon’s Flare ($4.99)
♥ Audacious Amazon’s Flash ($4.99)

Sultry Raven
♥ Sultry Raven’s Gaze Eyeshadow Quad ($8.95)
♥ Sultry Raven’s Blush ($9.95)
♥ Sultry Raven’s Pout (8.95)
♥ Sultry Raven’s Dream ($4.99)
♥ Sultry Raven’s Strength ($4.99)

Where to buy?
This collection will be available October 2011 at Ulta locations, drugstores and mass market retailers nationwide.

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What do you think about this collection? :)
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  3. very cool stuff, but i'm curious about the quality... i guess we'll know in october :)))


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