Saturday, September 10, 2011

Clear Beauty Color Concept: 12 pc Gift Set [Swatches]

I picked up this nice gift set that consists off two eyeshadow quads, two pigments, two blushes and two nail polishes at Cherry Culture. I guess this set has been sold out or something, because I cant find it on their website anymore!

This is a definitely a nice gift set and I love that you get a nice variation off products inside of the little box. This is a great set for those who are just starting their makeup collection or for those who like to try out new products :)

♥ Row 1.

♥ Row 2.

♥ Row 1.

♥ Row 2.

♥ Blushes.

♥ Nail Polishes. I absolutely love this orange/coral color with golden sparks, super pretty :)

♥ Brushes.

♥ Loose Eyeshadws. I absolutely hate the little lid inside off these pigment jars. I cant open it, I will probably have to get a sharp tool to open it up, its really annoying. I will swatch these later then :)

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Do you have any similar sets like this one? :)
Love Christine


  1. love the nail polishes--the orange color is goorgeous!!

  2. I used to love this kind of sets when I was little : )

  3. The nail polish is such as eye catcher! love it <3 these look adorable. ^^

  4. All the shades are gorgeous, especially those of the second eye palette :)


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