Monday, September 5, 2011

Clothing, Accessories & Beauty Haul♥

I have yet another clothing and accessories haul to show you today. Did some shopping last week and I did pick up a few beauty products as well. A few off these items were on sale and I got them so cheap, dont you just love a good deal? :)

Let me know what you think about my haul in the comments below. Your feedback means so much to me :)

♥ Sweater from H&M. I love that brown little patch on the elbow, its a nice little detail :)

♥ Sweater from H&M.

♥ Top from Vila.

♥ Dress from BikBok. I got this baby for only $5.34, how amazing is that? Im going to tuck in the top and use this as a skirt :)

♥ Shirt from H&M.

♥ Dress from H&M.

♥ Faux fur vest from Only. I absolutely love this, its going to be so cute for fall and I only got it for $13,82 which is a total steal :)

♥ Top from Vila. I dont own any clothes with snake print, so im excited about this one.

♥ Sweater from BikBok. Im obsessed with this sweater, how beautiful is this? I love it :)

♥ Leather shorts from H&M. I absolutely love this pair of leather shorts, its so cool and I dont own one. Cant wait to do an outfit featuring this :)

♥ Top from Only.

♥ Cardigan from Oxmo. How cute is this cardigan? I love it :)

♥ Scarf from Vila.

♥ Tights from BikBok.

♥ Bracelet from Glitter. This is my new favorite bracelet, it looks so cool and it can really make a boring outfit look cool.

♥ Earrings from H&M.

♥ Earrings from Cubus.

♥ Earrings from Glitter.

♥ Ring from Glitter. How amazing is this ring? I absolutely love this, I have never seen a ring like this one before. Its my new favorite :)

♥ Ring from BikBok.

♥ Necklace from Oxmo.

♥ Nail Polish Remover from Cubus. This is for false nails only. I have a pair of false nails that im going to try out soon. Here is the link if you are interested in seeing which ones im talking about :)

♥ Nail polish from H&M.

Are you interested in seeing a few outfit posts using some off these pieces? Let me know which piece of clothing you would like to see featured in an upcoming outfit post :)

See anything you like? :)
Love Christine


  1. The hawk/bird ring is so cool! x

  2. hello, I love your purchases, the color of the nails locazo, super cool.

    bye, greetings from Peru.


  3. I love the snake print shirt! And all of the jewelry you got is adorable!

  4. I would love to see some outfits! I'm curious to see how that pair of leather shorts works, I don't have a clue on how to wear such a clothing item!

  5. Love all your purchases.especially the sheer leopard top.


  6. wow..everything is have very nice this haul..hey give some outfit posts soon..can't wait to see you in these outfits<3

  7. OMG! that's an AWESOME haul! :) Love the earrings <3

  8. Such cheap finds! I like almost everything in this haul :)
    makes me want to shop sooo bad.


  9. @Y I will do a outfit using that leather shorts, I have one in mind that I think will look super cute :)

  10. @Rakhshanda Definitely :) I have a few outfits in mind :)

  11. @ZatZ Me too, they are probably one off my favorite buys :)


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