Friday, September 23, 2011

Outfit Of The Day: Chilling in Autumn

Im Wearing:
♥ Sweater from H&M
♥ Tights from BikBok
♥ Shoes from Økonomisko
♥ Earrings from Glitter
♥ Bag by Louis Vuitton
♥ Nail Polish: Milani - Dare to Wear and Konad Image Plate Nr m63.

I can't believe that it's fall already, time flies! Its actually been a little cold outside today, so this sweater has been a sweet friend to me. Im also loving these tights at the moment, they are so thick and warm because they got fleece material inside. Need to get a black pair as well, I just adore these :)

On Tuesday Im finally getting my brows done. I feel like a complete mess when they are not perfect. I like growing them out between each appointment because Im too affraid they will get overplucked :)

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Have you bought anything new for your fall wardrobe? :)
Love Christine


  1. lovely autumn outfit.

  2. You look so beautiful :)love the tights

  3. Nice outfit, looks great. Speedy is such an amazing bag <3!!

  4. Nice look og jeg liker din neglelakk :-) skikkelig stilig!

  5. perfect outfit and perfect beauty!
    thanks to my blog roll.. i can easily access your blog's new post! hehe
    keep in touch hun!

  6. Nydelig antrekk. Skulle gjerne hatt slike thights selv :)

  7. @Diane Aww, you are so sweet. Thank you so much :) <3

  8. @sminkehimmelen Kjøpte dem på BikBok, kanskje de har flere igjen? :)

  9. i love this outfit its something i would totally wear. you look gorgeous :)

  10. love it! perfectly on trend for fall with the houndstooth nails and the burgundy tights! love it! xo

  11. So beautiful! You add such a classy touch to everything you wear. I adore your shoes! They're so cute!


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