Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Nuance Cosmetics by Salma Hayek

Salma Hayek has just released a new makeup collection called Nuance Cosmetics at CVS. She took three years off from acting to create this collection which consists off a 100 piece selection of cosmetics, skincare and hair care with a $7.99 to $19.99 price range.

The collection was inspired by Salma's grandmother, who was a Vichy Lab-trained cosmetologist and incorporated Native American and Mayan ingredients into her beauty treatments.

I love how the packaging looks, its very beautiful and sleek and I really hope to find some off these pieces on either Ebay or on another website. I just cant miss out on this amazing collection by the extremely talented Salma Hayek.

What do you think about this collection?
Have you tried anything from Salma's line? :)
Love Christine


  1. Salma's makeup always looks goregous! I'm curious to see her collection.

  2. I bought the Walnut Facial Scrub. It's wonderful in terms of texture and polishing my skin, but it's not as natural as I'd like. :(

  3. I happened to see this in CVS yesterday- cant wait to check them out :)

  4. This looks like an amazing collection. I do wanna try a few of these items out :))

    Thanks so much I didn't know this line was available.

  5. i think the palette that opens up into a flower is gorgeous


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