Thursday, May 12, 2011

Elf Cosmetics: Healthy Glow Bronzing Powder

Im really excited to try out this healthy glow bronzing powder by Elf Cosmetics. This product has a lot of glitter in it, so i would probably not use this as a bronzer since i dont like to use a lot of glitter all over my face. But i have heard that this makes an excellent highlighter, thats the reason why i ordered it. I will probably give it a try on the rest of my face too, so we will see how it works out for me. I think i have to do a fotd post soon with all the new products that i have bought, would that be fun?☺

Have you tried this product?☺
Love Christine♥


  1. I heard these are great and not as glittery. I will wait for your review :)

  2. The swatch looks beautiful! :)

  3. havent tried it yet sweetie but cant wait to see ur FOTD and finl thoughts please!!!

  4. looking how much glitter/shimmer it has, it's probably best used as a highlighter!

  5. I definitely need some glow and glitter for summer

  6. That is so cute, I definitely want to try it!!


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