Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Two Dresses

I have been looking at these two dresses over at for a while now but i cant make up my mind on which one i like the most. I think the first dress is so beautiful and i dont have anything like it in my closet, but on the other hand i have always wanted a leopard dress because it would look so cute with a leather jacket and some cool wedges.

Both these dresses are beautiful on the pictures, but im wondering how they would look
in person. I have never bought any decent clothes on before. If you have bought
dresses on that website before, please let me know if they are worth the money and if
the quality is any good☺

What do you think about the dresses?
Which one do you think i should buy?☺
Love Christine♥


  1. Both nice dresses but the first one wins it for me.

  2. Hhmmm that's a very hard decision as they are both so nice.

    If you can't make your mind up I say flip a coin (if you don't like the choice the coin flipped for you then you will know you will want the other one) hope that made sense hahaha

  3. i think the leopard is more of an investment piece. :)

  4. great dresses, love them both, but the leopard is my favourite. I have never heard of before

  5. the first one is my fave too but I love animal print so if u can squeeze in both sweetie hehe!!

  6. What a cute dress!!

  7. I wouldnt know which one to choose! i love leopard print but i adore the material of the other one as well. Although i would have loved it more if the whole dress was print! :)

  8. Love the first one!
    And thanks for the sweet comment again!
    xxx Elle

  9. both of these are soo ME!
    but i think you should go for the first one :)



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