Saturday, July 30, 2011

Sigma Beauty: Flare Palette

Sigma Beauty recently released their new makeup line including three new palettes called Bare, Flare and Dare. I ordered all three off the palettes because I found it really difficult to choose just one off them, I know I have a serious makeup addiction. Im sharing the Flare palette with you tonight, hope you enjoy my post :)

♥ The Flare Palette:

♥ L-R: Crush, Oversee, Define, Publicize, Resist, Gossip, Allure & Beware.

The Flare palette contains a beautiful combination off greens, purples, browns and beiges which are perfect colors to use to create fun, flirty and colorful looks. If you like to play around with colors, this is definitely the right Sigma palette for you. Like the Bare and Dare palette, you also get two brushes and those are Sigma Beauty's best-selling E55 and E40 in a practical dual-ended brush. The E55 which is an eye shading brush is my favorite brush to use to apply my eyeshadows with, I use it everyday and I love it.

Where to buy?
You can get all off Sigma's new eyeshadow palettes on
If you are just interested in getting this palette, you can check it out here as well.

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What do you think about the Flare Palette? :)
Love Christine♥


  1. ooo...niceee...loved dem..quite pigmented !

  2. I love all the colors except the gossip. the brush has me drooling I want it asap!!! :) love the post

  3. awwwww this is so cute... I think am going to click home one right away. Thanks for always keeping us posted.

    I love your blog

  4. i <3 it !!! great review

  5. Love this one the best (: Hope you put some swatches up soon :D

  6. colors are so pretty and build able...thanx for swatches...

  7. nice blog! Am a new follower here =)) check out my blog and follow me too if you like!hope to see more of your post ;)


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