Thursday, July 28, 2011

Konad Haul♥

My order from finally arrived and im super excited to show you the things I ordered. Im such a big fan off Konad and I think its really fun and creative. Who doesn't like cute nail art? I welcome all off these products into my little Konad family :)

Let me know what you think about the items and if you would like to see a nail look with the image plates below :)

♥ Special Polish in Pastel Violet.

♥ Special Polish in Pastel Blue.

♥ Special Polish in Pastel Pink.

♥ Pastel Violet, Pastel Blue & Pastel Pink.

♥ Image plate s10, m21 & m35.

♥ Image Plate m63 & m64.

♥ Plastic Scraper.

♥ Pattern Disc Image Plate Book.

Im so excited about everything I ordered, especially image plate m63. The reason why I love that image plate, is because I have been obsessing over the Sally Hansen Salon Effects - Real Nail Polish Strips in Check it Out and this image plate have the same design, the famous houndstooth design. I cant wait to start playing with it :)

I also decided to get some new special nail polishes and this time I got some pastel colors which I think will look super cute with the new image plates. I definitely need to get more special polishes, its always great to have a good selection off colors when doing nail looks. At the moment I only have six and I do want to get every single color on the wowsocool website haha, that might take me some time :)

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Have you tried Konad? Whats your favorite image plate? :)
Love Christine♥


  1. Great stuff!!! The nail polishes look very cute!!!

  2. Ha ha, today I was just looking at some image plates in a "1 euro" shop. Sadly I haven't found anything interesting... they are much cheaper but also less prettier. I really like those m63 and m64, I'm really curious to see how they look on nails. Oh, and I find that the book is a great ideea.

    PS: You have 888 followers, I just found that cute and wanted to point it out. :))

  3. Pastel pink looks lovely jubbly!

  4. ooo I love the colors! I have one of the little plates from bornpretty. It has hello kitty on it but I haven't bought the scraper or stamper yet lol. Can't wait to see what fun designs you do!

  5. I love your new stuff. Have fun with your pattern image plate look!! :]


  6. These look so great. I've only just heard about konad, but am very tempted to try it! Do you have to use the special polishes?

  7. ohh love the pastel colorsssssssssssss


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