Monday, July 11, 2011

Lypsyl: Glossy Minerals

Dont you just love it when you get small beauty samples in your favorite magazines? I bought the newest number off the Norwegian magazine called Det Nye and I got this cute lipgloss as a gift. I love getting samples in magazines, its a great way to try new products :)

I haven't tried any off the Lypsyl lipglosses, this is my first one. This is from their new lipgloss collection that consists off three colors, nude, rose and coral. I got the one that is called nude which has hint off pink to it and small sparkles as well.

These lipglosses has pure and natural minerals that gives your lips a nice color and a natural shine that is supposed to last a long time. They contain shea butter and vitamin E thats going to treat your lips and make them softer. I will be doing a full review on this product as soon as I have tested it out :)

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Which magazines do you read? Have you recieved any beauty samples lately? :)
Love Christine


  1. The packaging is soo pretty <3 Great review!!

  2. Love the product! I don't often wear lipgloss but I would try these!
    So much love xoxo


  3. Lovely summery color. Lucky girl :)

  4. I love the color.. Will be waiting to read the review once you try it.

    Lil Micia Style Book

  5. I love your photogrpahs and... pretty packaging ...looks really sheer and sticky though..

  6. We never get beauty samples in our magazines in Canada : ( I'm jealous of all you Europeans that do!

  7. looks like a lovely one!
    i love pink!
    im in love!

    New outfit post - New Blouse!

  8. That is a very nice product review.I like products with goodness of nature in them and not laden with too many chemicals.Gloss has become such a very essential part of our dressing up really.


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