Wednesday, July 13, 2011

NYX Cosmetics: Eyeliners in Satin Blue, Purple & Sapphire♥

I ordered these NYX eyeliners over at in the beginning off July and they arrived yesterday. My package was shipped out on July 7th and it arrived July 12th which is pretty impressive since international shipping usually takes a while. I normally have to wait around 1- 2 weeks before I get my packages. Its nice to see that at least one off my packages arrived earlier than usual. But I have to admit that it would be pretty fun if all the packages arrived at the same time. It would be Christmas all over again :)

NYX Cosmetics Eyeliners in Satin Blue, Purple & Sapphire♥

Satin Blue, Purple & Sapphire♥

These are actually my very first eyeliners by NYX. I haven't been that into eyeliners, but recently I have been wanting to get eyeliners in different colors. I think Its fun to play around with colors. I love wearing a colorful eyeliner on the lower lash line, just to make my eyes pop. It can definitely change your whole look. I also ordered 10 NYX pigments that I will be sharing with you in one off my upcoming posts :)

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Which eyeliner by NYX is your favorite one? :)
Love Christine♥


  1. Such pretty shades!!! Would love to see them on your eyes <3

  2. these are cute. i love nyx for their variety of colors and so affordable

  3. I'm a huge fan of NYX, it's pigmented and it's comparable to Mac I think, lovely post!!

  4. Love those colors!!! They r pretty!

  5. Can you review these Christine? I ve found NYX very recently in my city so I am very curious to try these :)


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