Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Review: Bela by Zoya

About the product:
Zoya Nail Polish in Bela can be best described as: Sheer, dreamy, peach-splashed light pink in a milky creme base. Very pretty and candy-like pink for a sheer look or a French manicure.

My Opinion:
I love this nail polish called Bela. This was the first nail polish by Zoya that I bought. Im very impressed with this brand. The quality is great, they have a huge range off colors to choose from and they are always coming out with new collections which is quite dangerous for us nail polish addicts haha! ^_^

I actually prefer the Zoya nail polish brushes over OPI and China Glaze's, just because I feel like it does a better job applying the nail polish and the finished result looks better to me. Bela is a beautiful light pink color, which lasted me for about a week before it started to chip. That is pretty impressive. I have many nail polishes in my collection, but not that many that actually last me this long. This is a very light color, so you need a few coats to get the same color as in the bottle.

Bela Bela was featured in the movie Black Swan which is an amazing movie. If you haven't seen it yet, I highly recommend that you do. Natalie Portman's role as Nina is fantastic, she is so talented. The next colors I will probably buy is Barbie, Jolie and Caitlyn, they look like such beautiful colors as well. If you have any colors you want to recommend me, please let me know in the comments ^_^

Where to buy?
If you are from the US, you can buy Zoya nail polishes on for $8. I have heard that they are working on worldwide shipping too, so lets keep our fingers crossed ^_^

I found Bela on Ebay since Zoya dont offer worldwide shipping yet. You can find a lot of great Zoya deals on Ebay. Check out this link for the range off Zoya colors on Ebay.

Rating: 5/5

What is your favorite nail polish by Zoya? ^_^
Love Christine♥


  1. I love Zoya polishes!! If you like bright colors Charla is so beautiful

  2. this looks really great!
    love the soft color

    New Outfit post at

  3. I have so many Zoya I love--Caitlin is my current favorite.

  4. That's a very pretty fair pink!

  5. So pretty. I have never tried any of Zoya's polishes but I definitely want to get some soon.

  6. Beautiful! There's something so classy about a baby pink polish. I buy my polishes from M Beauty Lounge ( They have INCREDIBLE prices and they ship worldwide.

    Kisses, Melanie

  7. That is such a darling shade, it's lovely! I might just add this to my polish list :)

  8. Looks like allur from essie :D lovely....

  9. Oh I'm sorry Christine, luckily I haven't yet *fingers crossed*. They did forget to give me a credit slip once but I emailed them and they fixed it up for me.

    Kisses, Melanie


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