Sunday, July 17, 2011

NYX Cosmetics: Pigments

So my package from finally arrived, and im so excited that everything arrived save and sound. I hate when something ends up being lost in the mail, or that some off the products are broken. Im also very impressed with their international shipping, I only paid $7. I always end up paying $10-20 to get a package shipped all the way to Norway, sometimes its just not worth it. They have great prices as well, so I will definitely be buying more from them in the future :)

NYX Pigments:

♥ White Pearl, Nude Pearl, Pearl & Mink Pearl.

♥ Baby Pink Pearl, Lilac Pearl & Purple Pearl.

♥ Turquoise Pearl, Ocean Blue Pearl & Space Pearl.

I ended up buying three NYX eyeliners (you can see which ones I picked up here) and also these 10 NYX pigments. This is my very first time trying out their pigments, so im pretty excited to start playing with all the colors. I absolutely love how they look wet, dont they look beautiful? I can't make up my mind on which colors I like the most, all the colors look so pretty but I think that Ocean Blue Pearl might be one off the favorites :)

If you have any color requests for makeup looks, please let me know. I value your opinions and I want to hear from you :)

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Which NYX Pigment is your favorite?
Love Christine


  1. I am absolutely in love with all top pigments, the mink pearl and nude pearl especially! I need to get some and I'd love to see some makeup looks using these colours!


  2. turquoise pearl is gooooorgeous, hands down my fave :D


  3. omgosh what PRETTY pigments! I love the light soft shimmery colors!


  4. Their shipping price is really good. Beautiful pigments. Especially the blues are very pretty and summery.

  5. lovely colors!! i havent used any of these pigments as yet!

  6. tanx fot he website hun :d.... Ive always been skeptical about the nyx loose pigments but now i'm surely gona get them :D

    Enter my giveaway :D

  7. Thanks for the lovely swatches. these look pretty amazing. I think I will give these a try :)

  8. Love that !
    Could you give me the lien for buy on Nyx site ?

  9. awh the nude shades look gorgeous xD


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