Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Nail Look: Pink Roses

Products Used:
♥ Konad: Base Coat
♥ Essie: Playa Del Platinum
♥ Konad: Special Nail Polish in Pink
♥ Konad: Image Plate in m65
♥ Konad: Top Coat

Why is Konad Stamping Nail Art so much fun? Im totally addicted to this really fun and creative nail hobby. I bought the Konad products over at and I have to say that I just love their website. They have a huge range off special nail polishes, tools, different kits and image plates. Two off the stamping kits that I really adore and need in my Konad collection is the
Coraline Stamping Nail Art Kit 1 & 2. You have probably seen the movie Coraline, if not I really recommend it. Its a fun movie :)

Konad can also be used to decorate sunglasses, cell phones, earrings and mirrors. Anything that has a plastic surfaces, how fun is that? :)

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Have you tried Konad before? :)
Love Christine


  1. so cute! those Konad stamps sound really fun x

  2. I love the color and the nail art. I wish you were the girl next door, you would be doing my nails :)


  3. This stamping nail art looks really cool, I like how you did your nails, they're beautiful:)


  4. Love this! I really like the color choices :)


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