Thursday, June 23, 2011

My H&M Summer Haul♥

I wanted to share my latest H&M online purchase with you guys. Since its summer i picked up a lot of colors but also a few neutral pieces as well, they are always great to have in the closet. I love wearing bright colors, i think its such a great change from all the neutral colors i wear. Let me know what you think about my little H&M haul in the comments, would love to hear your opinion :)

Im definitely doing a outfit post with some of these pieces soon, so if there is a particular piece you want me to feature in my next outfit post, let me know :) I love reading your sweet commets, they mean so much to me so please dont stop doing that :)

See anything you like? :)
Love Christine


  1. Really cute stuff



  2. yay! back to basics! I love buying camisoles and plain caridigans! I know i dont really need them but always find reasons to purchase them :) I love that zebra skirt too! ;)

  3. Love the zebra type skirt! And the bright coral striped shirt.. I love it all but those the most;)
    xxx Elle

  4. aw totally wish i had an h&m here! that skirt is tooo cute!

  5. Oh that's a lovely haul :) <3

  6. Love the pleated flowy coral top!

  7. I love them!!! Those outfits will definitely go with a scarf that will put an extra oomph to it ;) come drop by my blog for my latest blog post ;)


  8. I love that button down shirt.


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