Wednesday, June 15, 2011

OBH NORDICA Artist Hair Crimper 180° Professional

This is a professional crimping iron from the Artist collection by the brand OBH NORDICA which is a scandinavian brand. I have been wanting to get a crimping iron for the longest time now, but haven't gotten around to buy one. I went by a store called Europris yesterday and i saw this iron, so i just had to buy it. Im not sure about the quality of this product yet, will review this and let you guys know how i feel about it :)

What do you think about crimping irons?
Do you like them? :)
Love Christine

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  1. I use to have a crimper but the last time I used it was in 8th grade and I made the mistake of doing my whole head! haha. It was a poofy mess. I've seen a lot of girls do little pieces here and there and it looks cute. I just am not crazy about crimping lol.


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